Longevity Capital Company is a “revolutionary” investment firm that seeks to provide investors equity-like returns with investment grade bond risk levels. The use of the term revolutionary is quite deliberate. Longevity believes that the Company’s product, called a YESbond™, heralds nothing short of a change in the way funds are raised, risk is managed and mitigated, and wealth is generated and distributed.

The company is in the final stages of offering the first in a series of BBB+ rated YESbonds to institutional investors. These bonds are unique and represent a “first-of-breed” investment vehicle. This is the first time a life settlement-backed bond has received an investment grade rating before the insurance collateral is acquired, and without substantial capital contribution or additional credit support.

Approximately half of the bond proceeds will be deployed to acquire existing life insurance policies using a proprietary underwriting system. To support the future premium payments, the rest of the proceeds will be invested into high quality liquid assets and a loan to a selected growth company.

Longevity makes money from loan fees, management fees and warrants, and upside potential inherent in the select life insurance policies chosen using the proprietary underwriting algorithm.

“Equity like returns with bond level risks”