The Board of Directors

Steve Marzocco, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors,

Steve has over 35 years of experience in founding a diverse range of companies and on-profits, with particular experience in direction, turnaround and management. He has extensive involvement in Longevity strategic development. Steve also leads a global consortium developing HUMANITY CertifiedTM , a standard for Sustainable Inclusive Capitalism.

Michael J. Lasky, Director,

Michael has teamed very closely with Longevity Capital Company for several years now. Producer, entrepreneur and consultant experienced in bringing concepts to market. Led projects for numerous national and global companies engaging advertisers such as Fox Animation, Avis, McDonalds, Budweiser and United Airlines. Previous enterprise partners/projects include SAIC, Rockwell Collins, Adrian J. Wilson, FAIA and Hall Bartlett. Founder and board member of several enterprises, including C2M Services accelerator. He is also Chairman and CEO of Power Corporation, an innovator in the $320B annual alternative financial services market.

John A. Beyer, Director,

Mr. Beyer has over 3 decades of senior leadeship in technology and finance. He has served as CEO of Widevine Technologies (now Google) and headed the International Subsidiaries at RealNetworks, McCaw Cellular and AT & T Wireless, and led innumerable financings from IPOs, LBOs, various debt and private equity offerings, to foreign country debt for equity swaps. Mr. Beyer is a graduate of Dartmouth College.